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Wedding Videographer Extras

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Similar to any other wedding vendor, you can expect extra fees if you request something outside the basic packages.

So, what is normally not included in a basic wedding videography package? Here are four extra services for which you can anticipate paying more:

1. Aerial footage

If you want every potential angle you can get from your wedding videography services, you should consider capturing some drone footage.

A drone can film from hundreds of feet in the air. This will make your wedding video more exciting and vibrant and let you see the entire scene of the event in your wedding film — something you clearly cannot do when you’re right in the middle of things.

Because videographers must bring special equipment and be skilled and licensed in this type of filming, you can spend an additional $2,000 – $3,000 on average for this service.

2. Travel

Destination weddings have become a popular way to tie the knot. But if you plan on using a videographer from your hometown, you will have to pay for all their travel costs.

3. Extra edits in post-production

While all wedding videographers go through an editing process to give you a final product, requesting extra rounds of editing in post-production will possibly add to your budget.

Although it will mostly depend on the extras you are asking for in post-production, the estimate cost will be a minimum of $800/per extra edit.

4. Filming scenes other than the wedding day

If you would like to film other moments as well as your wedding day (such as your rehearsal dinner or bridal shoot), this will also be an added cost.

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